Software Solutions

The SIMStation Software is a multifunctional, user-oriented software solution - especially developed for video-enhanced simulation in the medical field. As the functional core unit of the AV hardware components of SIMStation, it enables centralised control, simple management and complete traceability of all simulation components. This includes the entire AV technology, the precise process flow as well as the administrative planning and organization of simulations.

The SIMStation Software completes the technical, personnel and structural aspects of a simulation into a systemic whole; a holistic system that ensures controlled conception, recording and transmission of simulations as well as measurability and meaningful evaluation.

Functionality & Usability

SIMStation Software is characterized by an impressive range of functions, which - from simulation scenarios to control instances and debriefing units - covers all simulation processes. The self-explanatory user interface enables users to handle the software in an absolutely simple, intuitive and efficient way.

Full Audio & Video Control

The SIMStation Software supports perfect control of all AV devices. All audio and video channels can be separately recorded, regulated as well as played back & archived. The software solution thus provides the perfectly compatible tool for the controlled management of simulation processes.

Optimized Data Management

The SIMStation Software also ensures the possibility of full function control during the transmission and presentation of the simulation data. A wide variety of AV channels and/or comments or media can be easily played, linked or isolated during both control and debriefing. Simulation data is thus given a meaningful, insightful context.

Simplified Process Planning

The SIMStation Software not only optimizes the implementation and evaluation of simulations, but it also facilitates the associated planning. From the allocation of user & participant roles, the precise structuring of processes to the scheduling & communication, simulations can be designed just as easily and transparently.

Convincingly complex, surprisingly simple

The SIMStation Software demonstrates that a complex range of functions can be coupled with absolute user-friendliness. The clearly structured interface with self-explanatory buttons & icons supports intuitive access to the numerous functions and features of the software. Most functions can be operated simply by clicking or by touch - depending on which device is used. The SIMStation Software supports the use of PCs, laptops and tablets. It is also fully compatible with all common browsers on the market. The combination of these advantages allows users to customize the software exactly to their technical requirements and personal needs.

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A Single Software for all Simulation Units

The SIMStation software is a powerful tool that covers all simulation aspects.
As a complete custom-built solution, the software enables the control, sequence and evaluation of all process steps.

  • Control: simulation & process design, monitoring & supervision
  • Recording & Broadcasting: control & transmission of all AV-channels
  • Debriefing: selection, presentation and evaluation of AV data
  • Administration: personal, time and event management

Since the software solution takes all these elements fully into account and implements them, the simulation process can be made much simpler and more efficient in contrast to conventional approaches. For a better overview, the respective functions are divided among the different simulation units in the following; in practice, these software levels merge and act as a holistic system.

The Software Functions in Detail

Recording & Control Functions

  • Easy control of camera recordings/transmission via touch screen
  • Separate recording of 4 video channels in HD quality
  • Separate recording of multiple audio channels in high quality
  • Separate display/transmission & targeted channel control
  • Recording/transmission of multiple rooms in a single scenario
  • Recording/transmission of multiple scenarios (e.g. OSCE)
  • Live transmission of all/selected audio & video channels
  • (Live) Transmission in selected debriefing rooms
  • A transmission delay of less than 0.5 seconds
  • Bookmarking & annotating functions as well as check lists
  • Including of additional audio, monitor & other media data
  • Archiving of the simulation recordings on a local storage device
  • Supported data export of the recordings for external data carriers
  • Remote maintenance access via internet to the entire system



Debriefing Functions

  • Controlled AV playback via projector, monitor or TV
  • Transmission of the live stream during the simulation sessions
  • Playback control via the SIMStation Remote Tablet (as a remote control)
  • Free choice of display format (full screen or split screen) - selectable via the SIMStation Remote Tablet
  • Selective playback of the transmission (play, fast forward, rewind)
  • Navigating directly to check lists, bookmarks and/or annotations
  • Adding of more bookmarks/annotations during debriefing
  • Possible media import during the debriefing (various formats)
  • Loading of past projects from the local storage/server

Administration Functions

  • User Management: registering of new user accounts - assigned with special roles and access rights
  • Event Management: scheduling, rooms, participants and communications
  • Design Management: designing of different simulation scenarios - including participants, sequences and media used
  • Video archiving: Data storage & retrieval of videos, comments, participant lists etc.
  • Data Export: on a single MP4 file or as separate audio and video files; all annotations as Excel list
  • The exported files are compatible with all common platforms and systems; ideal for using and/or embedding the videos in lectures, seminars or for training purposes


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