SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise is the definitive AV system solution for simulation and learning centers - with almost unlimited application and expansion possibilities and an impressive range of functions. The smart composition of modular system design, high-end audiovisual technology and intelligent networking enables the professional planning and implementation of extremely complex and multiple simulation scenarios as well as the full measurement and traceability of all results.

The technical AV equipment, the network structure and the perfectly coordinated software can be completely customized. In this respect, SIMStation Enterprise is not a ready-made product line, but a powerful design potential; a potential that becomes reality in the concrete implementation of professional simulation and learning centers.

Universal Simulation System

SIMStation Enterprise enables the professional installation of complex systems that cover all simulation aspects. The individual simulation units are intelligently networked and thereby act as a completely self-sufficient system.

A Fully Developable System

The modular character of the product line supports a combination of an unlimited number of simulation units. Simulation, control and debriefing rooms can be added, networked and expanded freely. The system can therefore be customized and developed further at any time in a targeted and strategic manner.


In terms of hardware, software and network technology, only high-end products are used in the SIMStation Enterprise. The range of products used can be compiled entirely individually - according to the respective objectives.


SIMStation takes responsibility for all relevant steps during the project implementation. From consulting, planning & development to installation & support, all essential aspects for a successful simulation system are fully covered.

Application Possibilities

As a variably configurable solution, SIMStation Enterprise can be customized precisely to the diverse needs and requirements of large institutions. The specific solution adapts perfectly to the spatial, personnel and structural demands of the simulation institution. Highly complex, variably designed simulation scenarios can be implemented as well as multiple simulation rooms and professional examination conditions. With all this versatility, the practical use for the users is characterized by an extremely simple and intuitively understandable operability.

SIMStation Enterprise is therefore particularly suitable for the professional use in the fields of clinical, academic and research training and has also become the standard solution for OSCE, OSPE or EPA procedures.


The SIMStation Enterprise Concept








Technical Details

The modular and scalable system structure of SIMStation Enterprise allows the integration of an unlimited number of AV devices, screens, tablets and computers. The impressively large selection of high-end products covers all simulation requirements and impresses with the latest innovations in the professional AV sector.

Due to intelligent networking, all technical components communicate with each other in real time and act as one smart unit. Innovative solutions and years of simulation experience ensure that - despite the complexity and richness of functions - the technology used always remains in the background. This is crucial to guarantee the realistic character of the simulation and to meet the highest possible quality standards.
Our hardware page "Hardware & Add-ons" provides therefore an initial overview of the hardware components available as standard.


The Process of a SIMStation Enterprise Project

In order to ensure the highest quality standards and the greatest possible functionality of SIMStation Enterprise installations, SIMStation accompanies customers through all stages of the project.

  • Preliminary Inspection
    The project begins even before the concrete planning with a close pre-check of the architectural and structural conditions at the customer's site. This pre-check determines the choice and positioning of the cameras and - after testing the acoustic conditions - the suitable microphones in a first step. The preliminary inspection is essential in order to achieve an optimal visual and acoustic transmission and thus the greatest possible benefit of the AV simulation system for the customer. Initial coordination also takes place with the customer's IT department and - in the case of new buildings - with architects and specialist planners. The preliminary inspection thus enables SIMStation to adapt the planning and development of SIMStation Enterprise precisely to the customer's needs and premises.



  • Planning, Development & Installation
    After the pre-check and consultation with the customer, the actual planning and development of SIMStation Enterprise begins. In a special staging phase, the developed system is prepared, configured and tested in advance. After all criteria and requirements have been met the system will be sent and subsequently installed at the customer's premises. Before the system is put into operation, audio specialists take care of the acoustic fine-tuning so perfect audio quality can be achieved. After professional training by specialists the SIMStation Enterprise is completely ready to go.
  • Long Term Support
    The cooperation does not end with the installation: SIMStation sees itself as a long-term partner. In case of questions and problems a professional support team offers help and solutions. Also there is at least once a year a regular software update - with useful improvements and new features. This is done via remote access and ensures that SIMStation customers are always up to date with the latest technology. SIMStation Enterprise: an innovation that endures.


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