SIMStation Solutions

SIMStation is a premium manufacturer of audio-visual recording and debriefing systems for professional simulations. The AV simulation solutions come into use in academic learn and training centers as well as in medical and research facilities worldwide. The AV simulation systems of SIMStation enable realistic, controlled and goal-oriented simulation training and thus contribute significantly to maintain and improve quality and safety standards in the field of medicine.

Our holistic approach combines state-of-the-art hardware installations with the most technically advanced software on the market. The flexible, individually customized and expandable solutions realize all aspects of a professional simulation, from planning and conception to execution and evaluation, and can easily adapted and further developed. Despite the extensive functionality, our high-end solutions are characterized by an extremely simple setup and intuitive operability. SIMStation: easy-to-use AV simulation solutions that convince.

https://cms.simstation.comBetter Simulation

Better Simulation. Full Service.

SIMStation: Your Reliable Partner for One-Stop-Solutions.

https://cms.simstation.comPreclinical Simulation

Better Solution. Preclinical Simulation.

SIMStation: Designed for Professionals in Medicine, Paramedicine and Caretaking.

https://cms.simstation.comSIMStation STUPS Simulation Training

Better Solution. Medical Education.

SIMStation: For a Successful Transition from Education to Professional Practice.

https://cms.simstation.comClinical Simulation

Better Solution. Clinical Simulation.

SIMStation: For Optimal Structures and Processes in the Clinical Workflow.

https://cms.simstation.comDoor Screen

Better Education. Exams & Assessment.

SIMStation: Designed for Controlled and Automated Examination & Evaluation Routines.

https://cms.simstation.comDesaster Simulation

Better Training. Aid Organizations & Disaster Control.

SIMStation: Designed to Prepare for Emergencies & Extreme Situations.